In this issue, you will learn...

A brief guide to quitting a bad habit
Leo Babauta

The Bootstart Manifesto
Ash Maurya

How to be More in Control of Your Stressors and Keep Your Cool
Jasbinder Singh

is Your Startup Being Sabotaged from Within?
John Elder

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
Ivan Kreimer

Growing a Community Using Data
Moss Pauly

Scaling SaaS Business Through Customer Success
Lincoln Murphy

... and lots of other stuff!

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Scale Up magazine is the go to guide and growth companion for startups & founders. Each monthly issue has the best resources, interviews, tips and guidance for growth seeking entrepreneurs. Our aim with Scale Up magazine is to make it one stop solution for everything required for scaling and growing your business.

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Who is this magazine for?

ScaleUp Magazine is for anyone who is interested in personal or business Growth. Magazine covers articles and resources on business growth, productivity and motivation. It can be read by working professionals, bloggers, startup founders, entrepreneurs, growth hackers, product managers, marketing managers.

How can I read the magazine?

You need to buy the individual magazine issue or subscribe to monthly, half yearly or annual plan. You will get a PDF file of the magazine which you can read on your desktop or mobile. We are working on a web and mobile app for better reading experience. Stay tuned for updates.

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This book is valuable for any one who runs or manages internet business. If you are leveraging email marketing or intend to do, then you will get lot of benefit from the book. Book can be read by bloggers, entrepreneurs, product managers, marketing managers or wantrapreneurs alike.

Which package should I buy?

While it depends on your budget, we recommend you to buy the highest-value package. This is because it will help you most and give you extra resources for your business growth. However, even if you just buy the single magazine issue, you will get lot of benefit.

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How can I contribute to the magazine?

We are always looking for quality content and would be happy to publish your contribution. Please send your proposal to editor [at]

Tell me more about the GrowthMonk Tribe Membership.

GrowthMonk Tribe is a private group of entrepreneurs, bloggers, marketers, startup founders like you. Group members share resources, doubts and best practices on personal and business growth, marketing, strategy and everything which can help you grow fast. You can network with fellow members and leverage it for your business growth.

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Just send an email to info [at] and we will send details for balance payment.

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